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We are extremely happy to announce that we are a member of MJSA which enabled us to find great manufacturers in NYC.

Now we offer our customers with reduced cost on some products.


Check our collections for the better price.

Shipping: Domestic 2-3 days | International 2-5 days

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About Undefined.


Undefined. is a genderfluid, handcrafted jewelry brand based in New York.

While fixed ideas and concepts can be utilized towards creating a common collective, they often transmute into unalterable structures that frequently
fail at defining us. Undefined. sees ‘labels’ as a deteriorating, imminently
obsolete ideal as the brand identifies with those who envision themselves
beyond those labels and definitions inscribed by our pasts.

Emerging in December 2017, Undefined. challenges the traditional concept of jewelry brand and its design by being fluid in our choice of precious materials, method of communication as well as design.

Always in collaboration with international artists as all of our collections will
be project-based instead of following traditional fashion calendar, Undefined. evokes inspiration from fine art to create an unique line up of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

All products are sourced and handcrafted in New York. Franco chain from Italy.