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Emerging December 2017, 1st collection of Undefined. is now available for order.

We offer free shipping for customers who ordered for  $250 or more, both US and International.

Undefined. goes against a copy-and-paste production method. We acknowledge and celebrate all kinds
of artists including jewelers - particularly when it comes to providing the ideal production environment.
All of our products are handcrafted in New York to support local businesses and proudly present our
creations in a truly global setting.
Not only exclusive to designers, we see jewelers and artisans also as master craftspeople who always existed
behind-the-scene. A handmade production approach enables us to support and celebrate everyone's unique 
identity from jewelers to customers. Handmade production makes each product one-and-only, even within
the same design, to show our commitment to an irreplaceable identity.


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