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New Flat Curb Chain Necklace 10.3mm Vermeil

New Flat Curb Chain Necklace 10.3mm Vermeil




Our best selling product, this flat curb chain necklace with a clasp accent works well with any look as a statement piece. Smooth and solid in appearance with a mirror surface.

This piece is extra durable - all the connecting parts of the bracelet are soldered one by one.

Can be nicely styled with our New Flat Chain series or Flat Curb Chain series.

Handmade in New York City, using thoroughly-selected materials.

Undefined Jewelry is for all genders, and aims to disrupt media-centric definitions and the stereotypes of beauty.


Vermeil |22K Gold on Sterling Silver 925

Thickness: 10.3mm

Length: 18"


Handmade in New York.